Sunday, March 2, 2014

The 150 Project #2: OMG, I Have a Personal Trainer!

Welcome to the "150 Project"...
One of my "Retirement Resolutions" was to get healthy...hence the "150 Project". That's my goal weight on Weight Watchers. Putting that number right out there keeps me from going back into denial. I was also a smoker. I quit in June 2013,  on the day I retired from teaching. Now that I'm retired, I hope to add exercise to my program. Posting my progress on the "150 Project " is my way of keeping myself honest, tracking progress, and, just maybe, inspiring others because...if I can do it, anyone can!
Since my Mom has been ill, it's ironic that physical exercise has been what has kept me from losing my mind  somewhat sane. If you knew me you would know why that is totally out of character:
 I absolutely hate  to sweat. 
John of "Body by John"...not scary at all!
But...desperate times call for desperate measures!


Having gained back almost 10 pounds since I quit smoking last June, I made a New Year's resolution to add exercise to my Weight Watchers program in 2014.
 I didn't really think I would keep it.

My first day at Body by John
Mom being admitted to the hospital on New Year's Eve seemed like just the excuse I was searching for to break my resolution...until the trainer called me! The gig was up...I was out of excuses. It was like an out-of-body experience when I heard someone with my voice agree to a "free assessment of my physical strength, flexibility and percentage of body fat". Moi???

My trainer, Ben
OMG!!! Did I really just agree to THAT? With a muscle-bound young male trainer? At a gym? In spandex? Just kill me now.

My trainer, Ben

But sometimes the unexpected happens. The gym is small and there are no spandex-clad 20 year olds there while I'm working out. My trainer, Ben, isn't scary at all...he's firm but very sweet. And I'm not only able to do what he asks of me, I'm enjoying it.

 Hey, I'm 66 years old and hanging out with guys like Ben and John...
And I'm doing things I never ever ever thought I could do...

like "Planking"...

 and "Inch Worms".

I've even learned to embrace the pain of "LEG DAY".
After two months of training four times a week, I can't believe that I've actually stayed with it.  Maybe my body has been taken over by an alien?  I love my time at Body by John and I'm no longer afraid to sweat a little. I feel more energetic and more confident. What I have always avoided has become a gift of additional strength...

Just when I need it most.
p.s. Thanks, Ben, John and Pam!

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  1. Cheryl, I have to commend you for doing this. You must be so proud of yourself for taking this on and sticking with it. It's something I've wanted to do for the last while, go to a gym with a personal trainer and get into better physical shape and strength. Keep up the great work. It will help you feel so much better.


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