Friday, March 7, 2014

Give Me Back My Princess Phone!!!

I miss my old Princess phone....rotary dial and all. I miss the days when my phone was a convenience rather than an obligation, cluttering up my mental "to do" list. I miss having real time to myself...when I could just ignore my phone completely if I wanted to.

 I miss walking along the ocean, or taking a nap, without having to worry about people using technology to track me down. And I really miss the days when I wasn't expected to answer the phone in the bathroom!

Yesterday, having already worked out at the gym, visited my Mom, and cleaned the downstairs, I decided to treat myself to an afternoon nap. I thought I would outsmart my cell phone by turning the ring tone off while I slept. What a mistake!

 By the time I woke up and checked my messages, it seemed as if the whole world was angry with me. "How", I asked myself, "Could I get in this much trouble while I was asleep???"

My cell phone...friend or foe?
I had napped for two hours and, by the time I woke up to all the missed messages, my family appeared to have fallen apart.
Because I hadn't answered my cell phone for two hours?

I miss the days before cell phones, when no one could track you down every minute of the day. When no one felt they had the right to every minute of your time. When no one could use GPS to find out where you are when you just want a little time to yourself.

I had this exact phone my kitchen wall "back in the day".
When you could take a nap without feeling guilty or waking up to upsetting texts.
What about you?
How do you manage your relationship with your cell phone?
Is it friend or foe??? 
p.s. There are some interesting on-line articles from the Huffington Post here and here on this topic as well as this one from Womens' Health magazine. Guess I'm not the only one who finds sleeping difficult in the age of cell phones.


  1. I usually forget my cell phone. Like right now I'm upstairs and the cell phone is downstairs. I tell people that I don't carry around my cell phone when I'm home, so they know they might not reach me. I think if they know then they don't expect it and get annoyed. I never answer my phone while driving either and most people also know that too. If I'm someplace and I don't want to have to answer I turn it off. I don't think I'm a slave to my phone. I'm pretty careful about who I give the number to also. I do have a land line at home, but I usually wait and see who's calling before I answer. No political calls, sales calls, or unidentified caller calls are answered. My sister thinks I should be on Facebook, but I've avoided it and don't intend to join. It's just one more thing that would take my time. E-mail and occasionally blogging are it for me. At one time I was posting on some boards, but you can sit down at the computer and not realize that hours are going by. And if you miss a day catching up becomes a chore. Life used to be so simple.

  2. I am trying really hard not to let the phone rule my life, but it's hard.


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