Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tips for Stenciling Flour Sack Towels

I haven't picked up a stencil brush in about 25 years . . . since about the time that country geese, ceilings covered with dusty baskets, and stenciled walls became overused died.

Recently though, I've been exploring different media for stenciling.

Flour Sack Towels make are a perfect material for stenciling and fit well with today's farmhouse decor.  They're simple, organic, and inexpensive.

My little "craft group" is planning to get together and make some of these soon, but I wanted to try the process first before attempting to teach it to others.

So . . . I've been stenciling like a crazy woman for the past three days . . . and really enjoying it!

I've learned a lot too. I actually read the directions on the back of one of my stencils and tried using fine grit sandpaper under the towel to hold it in place while I stencil . Works so well!

I also learned that the cost of repositional spray adhesive is well worth it. It holds the stencil flat so that no paint "bleeds" into the fabric and leaves absolutely no mark on the fabric when removed.

This is really fun!

I've purchased a few stencils (with 50% off coupons, of course) but have cut most of them myself  after printing templates from the Internet.

I just enlarge or reduce the printable as needed, outline it in Sharpie, place Mylar over it, and cut with an Exacto knife.  That's how this Maine lobster was born!

It's important to use good textile paint (I got mine at Amazon). After stenciling, allow the towels to dry for 24 hours before ironing for 30 seconds on the reverse side to set the colors. Now they are machine washable!

  Old craft, new use. 
I can't wait to stencil more towels to use for for fall and Christmas gifts
I've think I'm getting addicted to stenciling again!

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