Saturday, February 14, 2015

Repurposing ReStore Finds

I love the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I try to stop in at least once a week to see what's new. Well, not exactly "new" . . . I'm usually on the hunt for old things that can be repurposed.  Like this clamp I bought for 50 cents.

It will be perfect for holding down sections of paper and cardboard while the glue dries during book-binding projects.

This little screwdriver was 50 cents too. I bought it to add to my little craft room toolbox. 

 I sometimes need to tighten a screw in a space with no room for the screwdriver handle and end up trying to complete the task with a coin or credit card. This will be a big help.

My favorite find was this antique hammer for $2.00. The head is hand-forged and I love the color on it. I seem to be drawn to antique tools; they tell a story.  I haven't decided how I'll display or repurpose this yet but I definitely don't want to use it to pound nails!  Too predictable.
Any ideas?


I went on Pinterest for ideas and came to this funky use of vintage hammers as drawer pulls.

Repurposed Hammer Drawer Pulls
photo courtesy of  JK Designs on etsy

For now, my hammer will either live in my craft room with my other not-yet-repurposed vintage items, like these carpenters' measuring sticks . . .

or with their rusty colleagues in "Elmer's Tool Box".

Unless I decide to empty Elmer's toolbox and adapt this idea from Pinterest.
 MayDecember simply turned a similar toolbox on its side, attached it to the wall, and used it to display cups.

Now why didn't I think of that?

this is the kind of repurpose that I like. It's a carpenter's tool box. Great turned for a cup holder.
from MayDecember on etsy

This vintage corner square is from an earlier visit to the ReStore. I cleaned it up a bit and hung it in a wall grouping.  Pretty predictable.

But look what Sassytrash did with a similar corner square.  I love the alphabet shapes created by vintage tools in this collage.

Pale Aqua Salvage Wood/Green Vintage Trim Frame and Old Tool - Repurposed Collage Wall Sign - LOVE. $52.00, via Etsy.

There were two of these wooden C-clamps at the ReStore this morning for $5.00 each.  I kept coming back to them but couldn't think of how to use them. When I got home, I found this idea in an article on "How to Decorate with Books" at  If the two clamps are still there after we dig out from the latest blizzard (the snow just started), I plan to go back and buy them. What a great way to store and display favorites!

Vice bookcase ... Love It ... Especially for a collection of one author or type of book.
courtesy of

I think I've created a monster with my frequent scouting-trips for junk  supplies. DH came home from the grocery store all excited; he had brought home some "finds" for me.  He said that he'd  discovered them in the bottom of his shopping cart at Shaw's and thought of me  . . . two shower curtain hooks and a used spool of fishing line.

Be still my heart!
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  1. Love your quote on who vs whom and your obvious sense of humour! Found you through Funky Junk's link party. I too have a love of old tools, in fact I have to often hide them from my partner who also loves them. He likes to use his while I like to just admire mine. Keep it up girl! :)

  2. I love the ReStore near me...I drop in now and then to see what treasures they have. I love your finds. I would just hang that cool hammer on the wall! What great ideas you found for other old stuff. I especially love the tool box hanging on the wall.


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