Saturday, March 31, 2018

How To Make a Driftwood Mirror

I've been searching for a driftwood mirror for my guestroom.
Something like this.

(Ah . . . advertising images. Don't you wish mirrors came out of the sea just like this? We could just walk the beach and collect them, already done!)

The driftwood mirrors I've looked at have been expensive. Pottery Barn has one, but the sale price is $423.00. This one is available at Amazon for $180.00 + $22.00 shipping. Not too bad.  
Related image

But I like a bargain. So I decided to make my own.
I'm lucky to live in Maine . . . 

 where it's easy to find driftwood on the beach.

I found a very heavy old mirror at Goodwill for $2.00. The maple frame was scratched but sturdy.

Aside from that, all that is needed is a glue gun.

I did burn my fingers quite a bit completing this project. Since  then, I went online and discovered these for $5.98 on Amazon. I haven't used them yet but have heard from other bloggers that they work, so I'm anxious to try them.


I looked for pieces of driftwood with interesting shapes, colors and textures.

And just hot-glued them to the old mirror frame.

That's it!
Total cost:  $2.00 plus a few glue sticks.

I love how the mirror came out!

It would be just as easy to do this project on a round mirror frame if that works better in your room.  Something like this .

If you don't have access to driftwood where you live, you could do a similar project with clothespins.
I love using them for projects with a farmhouse look.

Kirsty's Clothespin wreath, below (click link for tutorial) , could be made around a mirror. She used Washi tape on the clothespins. If they're old ones, I'd might just use them just as they are.

Hambly wreath - Photo 1

 A few years ago, I used my trusty glue gun to make a Button mirror . .  no beach required! This one was a little more time consuming but vintage buttons are fun. They're available everywhere, in shiny metals, unusual shapes and vintage colors. 

So, there you have it.  A simple project you can complete in an afternoon.  Or in an evening with a friend and glass of wine . . .

In which case, if all else fails, you can gather up your corks and make this!

Happy gluing!

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  1. Those are all fun ideas and your mirror looks great!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Except for the burns, it was fun to do! Thanks for your comment and Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. Cheryl, I love the driftwood mirror you made. WOW!! I think all the ideas are very cool. Makes those inexpensive mirrors from the thrift seen in a new light!

    1. Sure does. I don't think I could ever pay $200.00 for a mirror anymore (not that I ever did, actually!) I keep checking your blog and hoping you'll be posting again soon; I really enjoy seeing what you're up to. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Cheryl, The driftwood mirror is one of my faves of your projects....what next? Keep on "blogging" please. M.E.

  4. Is there anything better than a driftwood mirror? Love it. I have a blog about a valance in Driftwood.

  5. Hi Michele, I just visited your blog and your driftwood valance as well as so many of your other projects. I'm looking forward to following you and will add your blog to my sidebar to share with others. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Michele, Just realized that you are in Myrtle Beach. We just got home from SC . . . love it there!

  6. I love anything driftwood and your mirror is gorgeous!

  7. Thanks, Lindy. I appreciate your comment! Cheryl


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