Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blogging: How Honest Should We Be?

How honest are you on your blog?

I read a couple of blog posts today that led me to question what I am even doing here . . . as a blogger, I mean. Am I sharing my truth or just posting a happy, carefully edited, view of my life?  Do my collection of vintage linens, or my newest home sewing project, give my readers an honest snapshot of  who I am?  Does the possibility of receiving negative comments scare me too much to take on difficult topics?

Susan at Ash Tree Cottage doesn't usually discuss politics on her blog. But Monday, in a post called Political Pillow Talk, she made an exception and reflected on the previous evening's 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels.

Another favorite blogger, Linda Letters, shares insights into her "daily life as a retired teacher living in Seattle". She usually posts about her home, her garden,, her McCoy pottery collection, and her quilting projects.  Not this week.  On Saturday, Linda published a post entitled We Marched, which included photos of she and her husband participating in the Seattle March for Our Lives.

While I played it safe and published a post about Easter eggs.

Then I felt just a little bit dishonest.
Because while I was preparing those eggs, I was thinking about the kids on that Saturday March.  As a retired high school teacher, they made me so very proud.  But I wrote about the eggs.

 I'm a "Boomer". 
In high school I marched in New Haven, CT in support of the Civil Rights protesters in Selma. In college, at the University of Massachusetts, I protested the war in VietNam. In 2008, I drove from Maine to inner-city Philadelphia to canvass with the "Mamas for Obama". But this week, when it was time to speak my truth, I wrote about . . . eggs.

So it's time to confess.
I'm a crazy old liberal lady who loves to make things, decorate my home, hunt for rusty junk, knit, sew, travel, camp, and drink wine. I care for my friends, volunteer for the local food pantry, and actively support adults with disabilities.  And I blog.  Sometimes honestly.
I think that maybe this woman should be my new muse. She managed to combine social awareness and home decorating in one clever "post". 

Soon I'll be back to blogging about eggs . . . and art, and antiques, and home decorating.  But I'll try to let myself be a little more vulnerable and a little less scared of negative Comments. I'll be more honest.
How about you?

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  1. YES!!! I find that I'm tired of the perfect lives and perfect homes. Mine isn't and most aren't. Also the chaos of our world is something we really shouldn't ignore! BRAVO for sharing this. I have found I don't blog much not sure why but maybe if I speak my truth more it will ring truer for me and others. I live a stressful life and it takes its toll on me, should I share it? I'm not afraid of negative comments, I'm really not trying to please everyone anymore, but it is hard to bare ourselves on such a public platform.You have given me much to think about and write about. Thank you from one Baby Boomer to another!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Isn't it funny that I feel as if I know you just through our blogs? Most of us don't have perfect lives but we're strong women and we do our best to make every day as beautiful as we can, for ourselves and our families. Some days that's through home decorating, crafting, sewing, or just taking a walk along the beach. Other days, maybe we just need to feel safe in sharing a little of our stress with our blog friends, most of whom are probably women "of a certain age" just like us. I will continue to follow your blog no matter how "real" you choose to be on it because I can sense what a unique person you are no matter what you choose to write about. I really appreciate your comment. Happy Easter!

  2. My life is quite ordinary day to day, and I try to find things to blog about within that regularity, but occasionally I break out of the usual and do something more unusual, and then I post about that. I have never hidden my political persuasion, and I am fortunate to have followers who for the most part agree with me. I am still amazed at how we manage to find each other from all over the country. I am proud to add you and Linda @ A La Carte to my blog roll!

    1. HI Linda,
      My life is pretty ordinary most days too but, there are moments of wonder and joy sprinkled in. That's usually when I feel like blogging. But, until now, I've kept the moments of frustration and worry to myself. Your blog was one of the ones that inspired me to be more "real" on my blog. I too am amazed at how our spirits seem to find each other . . . strong, creative women from all parts of the country with similar interests. That's what I love about blogging. Thanks for adding Linda at A la Carte and I to your blog roll so we can keep in touch. Happy Easter, Cheryl

  3. I am one of your blog readers. And I say BRAVO!!!! I am also a baby boomer and old protester. I must say the youth and parents of Parkland have shown the world how articulate and brave (yes brave in this polictical climate) protesters can affect us all. I am impressed with their tenacity. My family is full of teachers and students, consequently I am on their bandwagon.
    I understand from reading blogs that it must be very difficult to discuss anything that can be construed as political. I have groups of friends/relatives that are divided on issues and I have very few people I can discuss “real” topics with. However, I am most gratified when people do say how they feel. Thank you for writing this post.
    I enjoy everything you post and your honesty is refreshing. Please feel you can say whatever is most important to you. I remain a devoted reader.

    1. Hi Joan,
      Thanks so much for the "Bravo"; needless to say, I was pretty nervous when I hit "Publish" on this post. As a teacher, watching the Parkland students take the lead has been such so rewarding. Maybe what we do really does make a difference! Agree with them or not, they are experiencing "real-life learning" about how our government works. Now that I have "come out" as a real person, I don't think I'll be able to stop being who I really am on my blog. I still love to decorate, sew, travel, read, play with rusty things, etc., but now I feel as if I can discuss other parts of my life as well. Thank you for being a devoted reader. I don't advertise or have parties so I don't attract hundreds of Followers. But that's OK because, through our comments back and forth, I really get to "know" and appreciate those I have. I value you comment so very much! Happy Easter, Cheryl

  4. I'm sorry but if I wanted to read about Politics, I would subscribe to Blogs about Politics. I have unsubscribed from quite a few Blogs and I'm not sorry I did because there is so much in the papers and on TV that I escape into the Blogs I read. Currently my life is very hard because I am fighting cancer. I don't need to read any negative comments. I'm sorry but I have to be anonymous because I don't know how else to post. If you can be honest, so can I. I guess I am a Pollyanna because of what I am going through but I have to be positive and to me this isn't positive.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I am so happy to hear from you and absolutely understand your need to occasionally escape from fighting cancer to lighter topics, such as those we all usually post about. I lost my sister, Nancy, to ovarian cancer in 2010 and my Mom to breast cancer in 2014. Our family is BRCA positive.. You can read about Nancy's journey on my older blogs (in the sidebar of my current blog, "It's Always Something" & "My Sister's Cottage"). I was with Nancy through every treatment and chemo so I think I can empathize with what you must be going through. Nancy was very brave and I'm sure you are too. I hope you'll continue to be my "blog friend"; I promise not to blog about controversial topics very often. Best of luck in your cancer journey & Happy Easter to you and your family. ~Cheryl

    2. Cheryl for the past 26 months I have helped my husband fight cancer and after two major surgeries he is now cancer free. I also took care of my mother, father and sister who also died of cancer so it is not occasionally that I have to escape it is every single day of my life. I am sitting here bald as a cue ball getting ready for scans tomorrow and more chemo next week. Sorry but I jut can't read about controversial topics even one more time.

  5. Cheryl, thank you for stopping by my blog today! I’m so happy to meet you and to read your blog. Wow. Can I ever relate to what you have to say here. I do hear you loud and clear. I’ve been actively blogging since about 2010. When I began blogging I decided I would not write political posts. Then, the current political situation happened. I can’t stay silent when I see so much social injustice, and when the democratic ideals I too embraced as a college student are threatened on a daily basis.

    I’m not much of a decorator, and I seldom even get around to hanging pictures on the wall, so maybe you can inspire me with your blog.

    Again, it is so nice to meet you!

    1. Hi RET,
      It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I've been retired almost 5 years and really miss the kids. How long have you been retired? I'm still in awe of your beautiful post, "ENOUGH". What a talented writer you are! I started blogging because I also love to write (and decorate!). I also really enjoy the blog friends I "meet"... interesting women from all over the country. Since the "March for Our Lives, it just started bothering me that, with so much scary stuff going on politically, we were all sort of giving it a pass on our blogs. Guess it was just my time to speak out, even if I do lose readers. That said, I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter! ~Cheryl p.s. I'll be happy help you get your pictures on the wall anytime!


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