Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Ladybug Invasion!

According to our local newspaper, October is the season for ladybug invasions. The article explains that ladybugs try to come into our homes in the fall to stay warm for the winter.

We were happily invaded by ladybugs of all shapes and sizes yesterday afternoon when we hosted a birthday party for my daughter and her friends.

I decided on the party theme when I saw this ladybug partyware at, of all places, Walmart. I love how colorful and graphic it is.

DH made the cupcakes from a Wilton Ladybug  Cupcake Decorating Kit I ordered from

Here are Wilton's cupcakes . . .
And here are ours!
DH ended up with extra eyes so a few of the cupcakes ended up one eye right in the middle. . . pretty scary! I think DH decided to be creative and see if I'd notice.

It was a perfect fall day so for a little exercise between lunch and dessert, all the "ladybugs" went for a walk to the Applegate community garden for a scavenger hunt. Although we had to settle for a cardboard deer and plastic spiders, we did find everything on our lists!

Template from
Can you guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar? I'll put the answer at the end of this post so you can see how close you came!

I found the Hallmark ladybug gift card pouch on Clearance at Kohl's. It served as a centerpiece and gift card holder. Later my daughter can cuddle with it! Although these seem to be discontinued in the store, there are still a few available on ebay.

She was so surprised when she opened the zipper and looked inside the ladybug . . . gift cards to her three favorite restaurants!

And what birthday would be complete without a Muenster cheese "cake" (long story but my daughter's favorite) and ice cream?

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

And there was plenty of ladybug love to go around!


p.s. The candy corn count was 646.


  1. How fun!! What a great bunch of Lady Bugs. So cool that everyone got involved. This is a fun happy post. Thanks for sharing you day.

  2. Such a cute party! I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed her birthday! This post makes me smile!

  3. I just found your blog and tried to find a place to email you privately. I cried when I read about your sister. I have had lymphoma for 2-1/2 years and have undergone 2 years of radiation and 5 months, so far, of chemotherapy. I have one more month of chemotherapy and then 18 months of maintenance therapy - UGH! I live in a podunk town in South DUHkota which I hate. My husband and I are around your age (me - 59; him - 62). I just wanted someone to talk to someone my age, who could understand what I am going through. My husband is wonderful but my mother and sister act like it is nothing and have so many problems with each other that that is all I hear about - even when I am lying on the couch in pain trying to recover from the chemo recently taken. There is nothing to do here and no place to go. To top it off, my husband is now permanently disabled due to a botched knee job by the VA in Omaha. They had to put him on disability as they cannot undo what damage they did to his knee. Then, I had to stop working 2-1/2 years ago due to unbelievable fatigue, which has worsened with the chemo. We now live in what they call "below the National Poverty level" but, by the grace of God, we live beautifully with what we have. Sorry to ramble on. I just needed someone to talk to who would understand. Thanks.

    Cate <><

    My email is:

  4. That is so sweet! Your daughter and her friends must have had a great time with all the cute ladybugs.


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