Sunday, December 15, 2013

Too Old To Make New Friends?

On the "Retirement" forum at the City-Data website, someone asked whether it is still possible to make new friends after age 55. I clicked on the discussion and was surprised to read the responses. Many posters seemed to feel that it is difficult, if not impossible, to make new friends in retirement.

I disagree!

Meet our "new", and very dear, friends...Anita and Fred.

We met Fred and Anita while camping at one of our favorite spots,  Searsport Shores in Searsport, Maine. We had so much in common and had such a good time together on those short summer camping trips that they invited us to visit them at their "winter campsite" in St. Augustine, Florida. So, last week we flew down to spend a week with our new friends in a new place,  leaving the snow, and the fear of being "too old to make new friends", behind.

I hope I'm never too old to learn from and laugh with new people. I hope I'm always open to new experiences (like figuring out this Cuban menu with Anita)... no matter how old I get.

Our old friends mean the world to me...but so do the friends we've made in the last few Mary Elizabeth, Rosalie, Anita and Fred. I can't imagine not having each of them in our lives.

"Nights of Lights" in St. Augustine

What do you think? Do you find it more difficult to make good friends now than you did when you were younger? Does it still matter? Still being new to this retirement thing, I'd love to hear your experiences...

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