Wednesday, December 18, 2013

8 Fashion Mistakes???

According to the style section of the Huffington Post, there are 8 Fashion Mistakes That Instantly Age You.  Whew! Only 8???
 I think I may be making all of them at the same time.
Here goes:
1. I'll-fitting bras.
" The right bra size can instantly lift and smooth you, giving you a flattering silhouette from the get-go."
This recent photo (at St. Augustine beach in December!) is a two-fer... I'm demonstrating mistakes #1 and #2 in the very same picture!
2. Cropped, ill-fitting capris.
"Think Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. While wide-leg, full-length pants are flattering, wide capri-length pants can cut off the leg line and make you look more stumpy than stunning. Try a pair of capris that has a narrow opening and just grazes the top of ankle – tres chic."
 Jackie O.? Audrey Hepburn? Tres chic?
Je ne sais pas!
3. Twin Sets.
"We know, we know—twin sets are easy and cover your arms. But these days matchy-matchy equals a major snooze-fest."

 Shoot...and I just bought these last winter.

"Oh, and it's time to lose the coordinating scarf, too!"

How did they know???
4. Jersey Fabrics.
"But when you're shopping for a special occasion, avoid wearing this thin, clingy fabric; it naturally hugs the body, not always highlighting our best assets."

5.  Always wearing black pants.
"Try trading in your safe (read: boring) slacks for a shimmering skirt that you can dress up or down depending on what you decide to wear on top. You’ll look instantly refreshed."
 Do black jeans count?

6. Overly sensible shoes.
You mean like these???
"With a kitten heel you'll feel stylish and comfortable."
Sorry, Huff Post, but here's as close as I come to a kitten heel.
7. So-called "granny" glasses.
"Avoid the classic stereotype of a granny with kooky reading glasses dangling on strings from her turtleneck. Instead embrace the sexy age of geek chic. Opt for thicker, Ernest Hemingway-style frames and leave the delicate wire-frames or rimless frames behind."
8. Missing out on tech accessories.
"Let your electronics play up your personality by accessorizing them with patterned cases and covers."
A recent photo of my tech accessories.
Next Up?  "Top 5 Fashion Mistakes That Age You"  (You're going to love this one!!)
So...I was 8 for 8 on this list, which means that I must look like I'm 102!
How did you do???
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