Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh, No... Another Collection!

Whenever I begin to collect something, it quickly becomes an obsession. Two years ago, it was sand beach on the Maine coast was safe from my surveillance that summer.  Now, I'm afraid it's sea glass...

No shard of tumbled glass has been safe from my compulsive foraging. Late in the afternoon, when the tide is going out in Searsport, I drag Hank (two searchers = twice as much sea glass!) to our secret sea glass cove to patiently comb every inch. We stay until our shadows stretch long across the sand, our only companion a lone osprey watching us from the pine tree above.

Anything swept ashore is fair game for my current passion. This week's haul includes: 1 clam fork, 1 rusty tractor part, 1 leather sole from a man's shoe, 1 set of pitchfork tines (also rusty)...and a whole two-gallon bucket of sea glass!

When we get home, I'll display my treasures in a big jar I've been saving and place it on my craft room to the jars representing previous collections of old keys, buttons, scrabble tiles, beads, postcards, clothespins, tie clips, miniatures, wooden spools, belt buckles, cancelled stamps, magnets, children's blocks, and, of course, sand dollars.

See what I mean???

Luckily, my obsession du jour never lasts too long and then, before I become totally crazed, I'm on to something else. For now though, since it's almost low tide, I'm off to the beach...


  1. Hi Cheryl! Welcome back to blogging. I can't wait to see more of your new adventures as a retiree. Congratulations on that! I love seaglass and always look for it when I'm on a beach but we don't find much on New Brunswick's beaches. PEI has good finds and of course the Atlantic coast. I hope you will continue to follow me. Have a great day! Hugs, Pam

  2. Your collection of sea glass is so interesting. I've never seen sea glass in person....I need to put that on my bucket list! Glad to have you back! You'll love retirement!

  3. Cheryl, I am so honored that you consider me an amazing woman. I found you quite amazing and look forward to follow your retirement adventure. You will love it.


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