Friday, August 16, 2013

My Boomer Bike

I got a new bike!

This is a pretty big event since the last time I got a new bike was for my 12th birthday in 1959. I think I'm just about as excited now as I was back on that crisp October day in Connecticut so many years ago. she is...official color listed at LL Bean as "Wisteria".

I just had to have the snaps off so you can carry it while shopping and snap it back on to bring your purchases home on the bike...pretty clever...and a far cry from the heavy metal 1959 version.

I'm hoping that the new bike will help me shed the five pounds I've put on over the summer. And in September, I'll bring it to Fiber College at Searsport Shores. I can't wait to drag out my Birkenstocks, fill the bike basket with fabric and yarn, and spend four days connecting with my inner fiber artist (?).

Now all I need is a funny hat and a little dog!

Gone biking...

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  1. Love your new bike and the basket is beautiful. Happy Trails!


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