Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Blogging: How Honest Should We Be?

How honest are you on your blog?

I read a couple of blog posts today that led me to question what I am even doing here . . . as a blogger, I mean. Am I sharing my truth or just posting a happy, carefully edited, view of my life?  Do my collection of vintage linens, or my newest home sewing project, give my readers an honest snapshot of  who I am?  Does the possibility of receiving negative comments scare me too much to take on difficult topics?

Susan at Ash Tree Cottage doesn't usually discuss politics on her blog. But Monday, in a post called Political Pillow Talk, she made an exception and reflected on the previous evening's 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels.

Another favorite blogger, Linda Letters, shares insights into her "daily life as a retired teacher living in Seattle". She usually posts about her home, her garden,, her McCoy pottery collection, and her quilting projects.  Not this week.  On Saturday, Linda published a post entitled We Marched, which included photos of she and her husband participating in the Seattle March for Our Lives.

While I played it safe and published a post about Easter eggs.

Then I felt just a little bit dishonest.
Because while I was preparing those eggs, I was thinking about the kids on that Saturday March.  As a retired high school teacher, they made me so very proud.  But I wrote about the eggs.

 I'm a "Boomer". 
In high school I marched in New Haven, CT in support of the Civil Rights protesters in Selma. In college, at the University of Massachusetts, I protested the war in VietNam. In 2008, I drove from Maine to inner-city Philadelphia to canvass with the "Mamas for Obama". But this week, when it was time to speak my truth, I wrote about . . . eggs.

So it's time to confess.
I'm a crazy old liberal lady who loves to make things, decorate my home, hunt for rusty junk, knit, sew, travel, camp, and drink wine. I care for my friends, volunteer for the local food pantry, and actively support adults with disabilities.  And I blog.  Sometimes honestly.
I think that maybe this woman should be my new muse. She managed to combine social awareness and home decorating in one clever "post". 

Soon I'll be back to blogging about eggs . . . and art, and antiques, and home decorating.  But I'll try to let myself be a little more vulnerable and a little less scared of negative Comments. I'll be more honest.
How about you?

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