Saturday, October 31, 2015

Holiday Napkins "On the Cheap"

Like so many over-worked, over-stressed Martha Stewart wanna be's of you, I'm already thinking of holiday table settings . . .

So I couldn't wait to read the November issue of Real Simple  for ideas.

I loved their article about updating your holiday table with new napkins BUT . . . 

 At up to $59.00 for just four napkins, I found myself almost yelling thinking, "Are you cracked???"

Call me cheap but I wouldn't even think of paying almost $15.00 for a simple napkin to "brighten my holiday table".
So I started thinking . . .

 What about using bandanas?

 They're the right size, they wash well, and, at $1.00 each at my local WalMart, I could have different napkins for every occasion for the price on of those featured in Real Simple.
They have every color in the rainbow, even bandanas in holiday prints.
It was difficult to "stage" table settings in the Produce aisle but I did my best. This "setting" is a WalMart bandana (yup, $1.00) on a WalMart woven placemat. Not bad, huh?

Or how about this combination?

 Or, for an evening dinner party, something like this?
Yup . . . That "napkin" is also a WalMart bandana.

Before I wrote this post, I had to stop at JoAnn's for a few things and noticed that they also have a big selection of bandanas, including batik ones like these . . .

As well as more contemporary geometric patterns. Theirs are more expensive at $2.99 each; I'd definitely use my 40% off coupons if I bought them there.

If you're planning on hosting a crowd for the holidays, bandanas are even less expensive on-line at Oriental Trading . . . $10.99 for twelve or $34.99 for fifty. Wow!

They have 59 different bandana designs including awareness ribbons, autism puzzles, Easter, patriotic, solid colors, , neon, pastels, and even . . . a Christmas assortment.

So as we all prepare for this . . .

Maybe we can make use of a few of these?
Bandana from
Hard to believe that tomorrow is November 1st . . .
But I'll be ready!
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