Friday, November 6, 2015

Ugly Chair Makeovers

This is the first time I've actually purchased a copy of HGTV Magazine. I think I was subconsciously protesting their new TV format which seems to feature much more house hunting than decorating. But, there's always a first time. I was attracted to the current issue (November 2015) because of the article on "Amazing Chair Makeovers". (OK, I'll admit it, the great colors on the cover caught my eye too!)
My friend, Anita, recovered this old chair for her home in Pemaquid Point, Maine. Last year, when she and her husband downsized, she gave it to me.
I had loved this sweet little chair in Anita's home and am now loving it in mine. It was exactly what I needed to complete this conversation grouping at one end of our (very long) living room. Every time I see it I think of good times we've had traveling with Anita and her husband, Fred.
This chair inspired my sister, Joanne, and I to re-do an old chair from our Mom's house last winter.
The inspiration chair cost $1199.00; we did ours for under $50.00. Here's our chair "Before". Or maybe I should say "During" as we'd already painted the wood and rattan frame.  You can read more about this project here.
And here's our finished chair. We were pretty happy with the results since we really didn't know what we were doing when we started!
I did quite a few posts  about the work Joanne and I did to update our Mom's condo. Now Joanne and her husband own the condo and are doing even more renovations. They're currently having new flooring installed in the guest room/study. Since the condo is on Casco Bay, the flooring they chose is a driftwood color.

View of Portland from the condo

Last weekend, Joanne and I were brainstorming color schemes for this room. (Well, mostly me . . . wait until she sees the inspiration swatches I taped al over her wall while she's been at work!)

One idea she had was to use neutral gray walls with bright yellow accessories.

That's where the HGTV chair article comes in. Mom had a wing chair very similar to the "before" chair below and Joanne saved it . . . temporarily camouflaged by a simple beige Sure Fit slipcover.

When I saw this photo I got excited to try my hand at amateur re-upholstery again. I could see this "after" chair in a gray and white fabric with the bright yellow legs and piping in Joanne's soon-to-be-painted guest room/office.

Here's another "ugly chair makeover" from the HGTV Magazine article that would also work well in a gray room.

I love how this chair came out too. It would add lots of color to a boring room.

This chair wouldn't work in Joanne's room but I'd love to see six of these around a dining room table!

I think I'm probably referred to by my sisters as their "ADD older sister", always coming up with projects for them to do. Now all I have to do is sell Joanne on my latest crazy idea. Maybe we'll soon be re-doing Mom's old wing chair for her new room


Get out the yellow paint and upholstery tacks, Joanne
Here I come!

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  1. I love the redone chairs! I have no talent in that direction but love to see what others do!

  2. Lots of great inspiration there Cheryl. I admire you girls for tackling these decorating projects. I know you'll have fun with this chair and decorating Joanne's office.

  3. Cheryl, What a project, and all went well. I live in St. Geo. Me and have been thinkin of sellin and moving to Portland. I have always love those Condo's across from Milo's Restaurant. Is that where Joanne's condo is ? What a few places like that I can start looking for. Thanks Yvonne

  4. sorry for all the mistake on my comment above. Computer jumps around. I need a few places to look with water views. Don't know Portland that well. Also wonder what a 2 Bedroom cost in Downtown. If you have any advice or sections to look please tell me. Thanks Yvonne

  5. I love your work, one can easily see the time and effort you have invested in turning these old pieces of furniture into art. I like the second chair, the colors are magnificent! Me and my husband will be living at the Sabbia Beach Condos complex in Pompano Beach, FL and I think it would fit fabulously with the interior, see for yourself:

  6. Wow.... you guys did a great job on that chair!!! Good luck with the condo re-painting!

  7. I love that you think up lots of projects for them to do. I may have a little of the ADD decorating gene myself. The chair you did is a wow.


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