Monday, December 23, 2013

Top 10 List of Gift Wrapping Headaches

It all starts out looking so easy...the wrap is color coordinated, the craft table is organized, the equipment is laid out as if it belongs in the surgical suite at Maine Medical Center...

And then, in the blink of an eye, I find myself in gift wrap H*ll. 
It happens every year.
So I've come up with my Top 10 List
Things That Make Me Crazy About Wrapping Holiday Gifts:
#10.  No matter how many gifts you have wrapped, you will always find one more. There is no escaping this truth...don't even bother trying.
#9.  That super-duper extra-long roll of gift wrap will always run out on the fourth side of the biggest box.
#8.  Toy manufacturers have secretly plotted to package toys in open-front cardboard packages with angles previously unknown to modern geometry.
#7.  The time it takes to wrap a gift is inversely proportional to the time you have left to get it done.
#6. Wherever your _______ (insert your favorite: coffee, cat, ink, etc.) is, it will find its way to the front of the package you have just wrapped.
#5.  Like maps,  gift wrap tissue is impossible to fold flat once it has been opened. Just give it up...can't be done. Stuff the leftovers in a bag and move on.
#4.  The term "stick-on bows" is an oxymoron. They either have backing that is impossible to peel off or, once "un-backed", simply don't stick.
#3.  If a box has six flat sides, the idiot person in the store will have placed the huge, ugly sticky price tag on the one that shows the most. This is especially attractive on the front of  a book or picture frame. (OT: And what's with price stickers on fruit??? Every tomato I own has a hole in the side!)
#2.  It often takes more time to remove the price sticker from a gift than it does to wrap it. There should be a special place in h*ll for the person who designed the sticky price tags used at Home Goods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx that come apart in those frustrating little circles.
#1.  And my top gift-wrapping frustration???  Getting the gift all wrapped and forgetting who it's for.  Guess there's no one to blame but myself for this one!

So here are a few tips to compensate for the frustrations listed above: 
  •  "Goo Gone" is a gift wrappers best friend.
  • Have your glue gun hot and handy when wrapping...great for sticking on recalcitrant bows or adding tags and embellishments.
  • Have everything boxed up before starting to wrap.
  • Choose colors of wrap and ribbon that all work together, and...
  • Pour yourself a big glass of wine or Bailey's before you begin. Repeat as needed.

Hang in there, fellow wrappers, the holiday finish line is finally in sight!

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