Thursday, April 26, 2018

Simple DIY Birdhouses

When DH and I were in England last June, I saw this birdhouse outside a little shop. I took a picture of it thinking it would be fun to make one like it when I got home.

Before I got started, DH cut out the birdhouse shapes for me on his table saw. 

Monday was a beautiful Spring day here (finally) so I invited a few of "the Girls" over to make the birdhouses.

These two ladies, Margaret and Jo, are sisters. They have lived in the same house in our little town their whole lives. I met them over coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and really enjoy their company, their stories . . . and their creativity. They got to work staining the birdhouses with exterior stain.

My sister-in-law, Lillian, and BFF, Mary Elizabeth kept busy using the drill press to drill a small hole in the bottom of each can. The cans need to be clean and dry. We used a metal file to make sure the open end was free of sharp metal edges that could hurt the birds (or us!).

I set up the spray paint area. Everyone brought half-full cans of spray paint they had on hand to contribute to the project.

Lillian and Mary Elizabeth got the brilliant idea of hammering paint sticks and tomato stakes into my lawn , putting a can on each one, and spraying them on there. Sure worked better that trying to hold each can up separately while painting our arms!

Does this look like fun or what?

The "Ladies" ended up with lots of great colors to choose from.

And I ended up with a polka-dotted front lawn!

A couple of the ladies decided to use acrylics to paint designs on their houses.

The last step is to use a washer and short wood screw to attach each pre-drilled can to the wooden back of the birdhouse. 

We also drilled a hole into the back of each house for hanging.

And Voila!

Eleven birdhouses completed, two bottles of wine consumed and a good time had by all!

 This was a perfect Spring project to share with friends!

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