Friday, September 4, 2015

A Pottery Barn Inspired Bedroom Update

My sister and I spent the last two weeks of August decluttering, reorganizing and redecorating much of her home as she prepares for retirement in January.  We started with her new downstairs family room and "Andi room" and then moved upstairs for a living room re-do.  
All that was left was the Master Bedroom. We just finished that and I thought I'd share what we accomplished.  I think we learned, once again, that "Less is More".


Here is the bedroom "Before". Andi liked the beige wall color and the basic furniture arrangement. She didn't like the clutter, the wall grouping, the hand-me-down lamps, and the lack of accessories. (Most of us would probably not consider a CPAP machine a decorative accessory, right?)

She didn't even like the depressing colors in the bedding. She was just using things she had, without a real color plan.

So off to Pottery Barn we went . . . for ideas and inspiration. Andi was almost immediately drawn to a display of these gray and tan throw pillows with silver accents.

We had found our color scheme!

Andi also loved this display of gray candles in shiny silver holders. More inspiration for our room.

Andi's current bedroom lamps were too small, too matchy-matchy, too blue, and too 80's.  Andi had kept them because they had belonged to our Mom, but they weren't especially valuable or sentimental . . .they were just lamps.  I encouraged her to keep what she loved of Mom's but to let go of her guilt about trying to keep everything. She got it and agreed that . . .

These PB lamps were perfect.

We just couldn't afford them.
Since we were trying to create a Pottery Barn bedroom on a Target budget, we had to improvise. (Our Dad had four girls and taught us all how to hang sheetrock, wire lamps, paint and do carpentry by the time we were 14, so "doing-it-ourselves" is not a new concept for us! And our Mom was an artist, antiquer, and seamstress, the Queen of decorating beautiful homes "on a dime".)

We put the lamp on DH's dresser together by combining a shiny silver base from WalMart ($19.97) with a gray shade my daughter was no longer using. The lamp and shade on Andi's dresser is from Target ($29.99). Two PB -style lamps for $50.00. Yup, we like that!

Andi had these plants scattered across her dresser to get the light from the window. We grouped them in a wicker tray to "corral them" and add texture.
On DH's tall dresser, we added another lamp from Target. We liked the contemporary design, silver base, gray shade and $15.00 price. We accessorized with  a ceramic dog from Home Goods ($7.99; Andi and her DH have adopted three shelter dogs), a PB-inspired gray candle and holder from Target, and a canvas of shore birds that Andi fell in love with ($19.99 at Home Goods). The little wooden box belonged to DH when he was a child.

Andi really liked this tine "LOVE" sign at Home Goods (our "big splurge at $39.99). We took all of the pictures off the bed wall and used just this. It gives the room a focal point, reinforces the tan, gray and silver color scheme, and is substantial enough to visually make up for the fact that the bed has no headboard.

Less is definitely more on the bed wall!
On the dresser to the left of the bed, we accessorized with things Andi already owned (even her sterling silver baby cup)  and hid the ugly CPAP machine in a dresser drawer. (Dad would be pleased to know that Andi drilled a hole in the back of the dresser drawer for the cord!)

I found this tan, gray and silver home-dec fabric for $3.99 per yard (at Marden's; Maine sewers will understand!) and made Andi two throw pillows with pillow forms I had on hand.

She purchased the shiny silver beaded accent pillow at Home Goods for $16.99. She also replaced her navy duvet set with a soft gray one (from Target).

The "visual designer" at our local PB was a lot of fun and, hearing our plans, a great help with ideas. He reminded us to use a soft gray duvet rather than charcoal.  It worked!

I forgot to remove the plum-colored "sleeping pillows" for the photos of the finished bed
(just imagine them gone) . . . but it still looks soft, simple and inviting.

Andi could only fit this tiny 10" wide shelf on her side of the bed to hold her clock et al. She painted it the same gray as the bedding to make it "disappear". Now we just need to "stage it" with a few simple accessories.

 All in all, we're really pleased with how the master bedroom came out.
And the PB inspiration pillow?
We're just waiting for it to go on Sale!

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