Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decorating With ... Doorknobs?

I love decorating with found objects, especially if they tell a story.
 Lately, I seem to be into doorknobs.
This doorknob, still in a tiny wooden section of its "door", started it all. I spotted it at the Liberty Tool Company. I had no particular use for it but it spoke to me of course I bought it.

 Last week, a couple more door knobs "spoke to me" at a local antique and consignment shop. I liked the bits of rust and chippy blue paint against the white porcelain of the knobs.

So now I have three sets of door knobs...I suppose that means that I've started another collection.
What makes something a collection anyway? More than one? Three or more? Grouping things for a purpose? Hmmm...

I love my doorknobs. When I see them, I wonder what stories they could tell about the houses they adorned and the people who lived in them.

I decided to display my old doorknobs in a little basket on the coffee table.
I'm sure they'll move around the house over time as I add to the collection. For now I like the variety of textures in this grouping: rough wicker, worn leather, shiny porcelain, rust... and chipped blue paint.

What's the most unusual thing you decorate with or collect?
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  1. What do I collect? Well I do have 3 white porcelain door knobs that came attached to an old window frame I bought at a yardsale. I seem to have quite a collection of teacups and have realized I also have more ironstone dishes than I thought I did. I don't deliberately go looking for these things though. They just 'happen'. lol Love your doorknob collection. They look wonderful in your basket.

  2. You are ahead of my by two. When we moved into our 1928 cottage, there was a glass doorknob that had been replaced and was left sitting in a cupboard. I often have it on display with a bunch of other old junk.

    I love each of your doorknobs.

  3. If doorknobs could talk right!!! I have several glass ones I really enjoy. Sometimes they ride in the back of my small brown metal truck.

  4. you have found some great chippy door knobs. The only one I have is glass and I do love it, but I'm afraid to collect anything that doesn't stop me often.

  5. Hi, Cheryl! I'm visiting from BNOTP. COOL doorknobs! I like to see unusual decorating items put into service! There's a history behind each and every doorknob, whether we're privy to it or not. Just knowing that many hands have turned those knobs - perhaps even some famous or even INfamous people! - lends an air of excitement to the vignette! I remember my grandparents' home had those wonderful glass knobs and leaded glass in the French doors throughout. Oh, how I wish I would have gone through and salvaged all of those beauties!

    Great idea! I don't think I decorate with anything necessarily unusual. I tend to be pretty conservative and blah.

    Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend!


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