Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mothers & Daughters

As a woman in my 60's, I feel fortunate to still have my Mom.
But she can also make me crazy.  
What is it about the mother/daughter relationship that makes it so full of both love and landmines?

I think there is some kind of secret non-verbal language between mothers and daughters. Sometimes that's a loving language; other times it can be hurtful. I'm finding that now that my Mom is very elderly and I find myself in a caretaker role, the two are beginning to blur.


I wonder if there is some kind of a mother-daughter bell curve at work...maybe in old age the mother-daughter relationship reverts to the way it was when we were teenagers, with all the friction and angst between mother and daughter reappearing after the relative calmness of middle age.

Some days are more are difficult for my Mom than others. Yesterday was unexpectedly difficult so I guess I just needed to vent. I'm working on being more patient and understanding so that Mom and I can enjoy the holidays together without killing each other.
 Have you cared for an elderly parent?
What have you learned?

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