Monday, October 28, 2013

No-Sew Bed Skirts

Call me crazy, but in our last house, I sewed just about everything, including bed skirts like this one. Making them took hours and involved measuring, cutting and sewing huge expanses of fabric...expensive and time-consuming.

This time around my goal is to keep life as simple as I can and use my "me" time for more creative pursuits than trying to get yards of Velcro to stick to box springs. 
But, I have to admit, exposed bed frames and under-bed storage totes don't exactly create the look I'm going for. (This is the room our grandsons stay in when they visit...they made their own beds!)
Since I had four beds to find bed skirts for, I ruled out Pottery Barn for this project...beautiful bed skirts but too expensive, especially on a retirement budget.
Last weekend, I ran into Target to get last-minute supplies for my daughter's birthday party when I happened by a whole aisle of bed skirts and decided to take a quick look.
Look what I found...

Tailored twin bed skirts for $12.99 each. No Velcro required and they came I black! These are from Target's "Room Essentials" line.

A simple white Queen bed skirt for the guest room for $15.99...also from "Room Essentials".

And a turquoise Queen bed skirt with a tailored pleat for $27.99 form the Target's "Threshold" line.
The bed skirts I purchased fit perfectly...and they each came in a cute little recloseable fabric pouch that I'll reuse for travel or craft storage.

Total spent for four bed skirts...$70.00.  Total time at the sewing machine = 0.

Who knew?

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