Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Real Women's Guide to Organizing Your Closet

As I began packing for a road trip to Florida, I decided I needed to try on my summer clothes. I got  a little carried away and ended up dumping everything from my side of the Master bedroom closet onto the bed. Which, as usual for any project I take on, grew into a total closet reorganization.

So I ordered these clever little rod markers from Amazon and, with speedy Prime shipping, was ready to go in no time. Full speed ahead!

The closet used to be organized by color, which looked beautiful but wasn't very practical. I never knew which orange top fit and which didn't, which jeans zip up and which don't.

So I decided to try on each item of clothing before I either packed it or hung it back up. 

I barely got through my capri pants, before there was a little problem.  Nothing fit. Even the old trick of lying flat on the bed and sucking it in before zipping didn't help. All but two pair of last summer's capri's (the meager pile on the right) were toast!

But, after only a few minutes of crying and screaming at myself in the full length mirror, I devised a revised "closet plan":  I'd use my new markers to organize my closet by SIZE.

Here's how I labeled pile #1, the highest:

Pile #2, not quite as high:

And finally, pile #3, only two sad pair of capri's left.
At least they won't take up too much room in my suitcase.

The job is finally done.
The closet doesn't look as pretty but, for now, it works.

Out of concern for my mental health, I decided to stop trying on summer clothes before I reached the other side. That's where the bathing suits and camisole tops live.

Summer doesn't arrive early here in Maine so it's back to Weight Watchers for awhile before I even dare organize that part of the closet!

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