Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Forts Aren't Just for Kids Anymore!

 Here's the view from our kitchen window tonight.

This afternoon, we built a snow fort!
 Our friend, Corlia, who is visiting from sub-tropical South Africa, has been waiting for the perfect day to play in the snow.
DH, who is a big kid at heart,  got out his shovel and gave her a hand.

After a lot of digging, this is what they created.

A snow fort for old farts adults!

Once it was done, neighbors started stopping by to see it.
BFF Mary Elizabeth was first.

 Followed by our next door neighbor, Linda.

 Corlia loves the red hot dogs we have here in Maine (she calls them "Viennas") so DH made a fire
for a cook-out.

The fort has built-in seating too. Corlia and I were the first to try it out.

Two friends from opposite sides of the world playing in the snow.

Here's our little chimney. . . the only hint of the fort from the street.

And Corlia peeking out of it.

Since this is a fort for adults and it was surely 5 o'clock somewhere, it wasn't long before the snow fort became the Snow Bar. Drinks were served around the fire . . . at least for those of us who were still flexible enough to wiggle our way in!

DH was so tired from shoveling all afternoon that he went to bed early. Corlia and I decided to stay up and watch the Oscars . . . 
Until we remembered this sign in the garage. It had been a gag gift for DH years ago when we had a  camp in New Hampshire. Needless to say, we snuck out in our slippers, laughing all the way, to add it as the finishing touch to the fort.

 Girls (of a certain age) Gone Wild!

Who said anything about growing old gracefully?
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