Friday, February 13, 2015

Dear Snow: Please Go Away

On January 19,  I wrote a post about how to make the Valentine wreath on our front door here at Applegate Lane. Now I'm longing for the "good old days" when the front door was still visible from the street . . .

Here's how my wreath looks in February.  Invisible.

All we can see of the house across the street is the America flag.

This photo was taken on December 19th, less than 2 months ago - what a difference!

And here's the weather report for the next few days here in the Northeast . . . another Blizzard Warning . . . with coastal flooding to add to the fun.

Enough already!

Yesterday I was desperate for any sign of Spring so I ran to my stash of seasonal decorations in the garage and, before my fingers froze, found this little silk narcissus. Just seeing it in the kitchen reminds me that Spring will eventually find its way to Applegate Lane.
Meanwhile we all seem to be employing one or more of the following coping strategies:
1. Sharing cartoons on Facebook about being buried in snow .
2. Casually discussing how tired of the heat we would be if we lived in Florida.
3. Finishing sewing projects started when Bill Clinton was President.
4. Eating comfort food.
5. Reading books we never thought we'd get to (even Silas Marner is starting to sound good).
6. Watching re-runs of the Superbowl  (We love our Pats!), and,
7. Drinking more wine . . . definitely.
We have houseguests arriving tomorrow (assuming the airport is still open) from South Africa. They planned their trip for February because they wanted to see snow. 
They certainly won't be disappointed!
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