Sunday, November 2, 2014

In the Pink

It's been a very pink week here on Applegate Lane!

I started the week sewing a batch of reversible pink chemo scarves to donate to local cancer charities in my sister Nancy's name . 
I also purchased a big bag of wool roving at Port Fiber 
and started on my first solo needle felting project . . .
A pink pig!
The rest of the week was spent helping a dear neighbor and friend repaint her house. Luckily, DH offered to help and we finished her living room, bedroom, master bath, hall and an accent wall in  the kitchen. It was a big job but the results were worth it!

Here's the color we used in the bedroom. It really fits the personality of my friend , a woman who loves fashion, jewelry and bling. It also compliments the hand-made quilt she plans to use on her bed.

We painted all day for most of four days and, by the time we finished each evening, our hands were so covered in pink paint that we could just barely hold our martinis!
Now I'm off to visit your blogs and see what I've been missing . . .
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