Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sewing a Smile

My daughter, Kristen, is a challenge to buy clothes I often sew them. I liked this jumper in our local Bass Outlet but knew it would be too short for her. I decided to use a similar pattern from my stash and copy it.

The most difficult part of the project was finding cute corduroy dress-weight fabric. I used to be able to find it everywhere this time of year but not so anymore. I finally found four choices at JoAnn Fabrics and got to work.

The pockets on my pattern were plain rectangles so I modified them to mimic the ones in the jumper from Bass.

When my sisters and I were children, Mom saved money by sewing most of our clothes (and they were beautiful). I think one of the reasons that I had difficulty finding corduroy dress-weight fabric is that fewer and fewer people sew clothes today because it is no longer cost effective to do so. The jumper at Bass was $50.00. Cost to sew the same jumper: 3 1/2 yards of fabric at $10.49 per yard = $36.72, 1 package red trim = $1.99, four  buttons = $2.97,  dark brown thread = $ = $43.67 + tax (without the cost of a pattern as I used one I had). No savings there.

This photo is not the best...I was rushing to bring the jumper to Kristen and the lighting was poor... but here my the finished jumper. I copied the trim around the neckline and pockets from the inspiration jumper at Bass.

In spite of the cost and time, I still make time sew clothes for my daughter. She is very difficult to fit and today's "slinky" styles for Juniors don't work for her at all. By sewing, I can adapt patterns and styles. I also enjoy sewing as a creative outlet...when I'm in the mood to sew, that is. It's fun choosing colors, fabrics, textures and trims to make a unique garment.

But, most of all, I like sewing for Kristen because I love to see her smile!

 "Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine!"

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