Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer Camp for Adults???


"A Fall Weekend with friends on the ocean…add fiber, color, food, gardens & beaches…What’s not to love?"    ~from the Fiber College website

Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid? Remember weaving lanyards with colored gimp?  Collecting acorns and feathers? Making baskets? Well, here's your chance to do it again...thirty, forty, or fifty (who's counting?) years later.
Welcome to Fiber College...where creative women of a certain age come to play!

Fiber College is the "utopian dream" of a wonderfully warm and creative woman named Astrig, and her husband, Steve, who own Searsport Shores Ocean Campground on Penobscot Bay in Searsport, Maine.



Aside from operating the most beautiful campground in New England, Astrig and Steve garden, raise bees and goats, weave, spin, knit, build, dig clams, teach, create, and cook up a storm.


And, best of all, they invite other creative souls to share their dream once a year at Fiber College.

Fiber College happens every September in Searsport, Maine the weekend after after Labor Day.


For 2014, the dates will be Thursday through Sunday September 4-7. You can attend for all four days or just one or two.
 There's an annual a beach-side fashion show of creations made by Fiber College participants...


As well as classes on everything from bookbinding to basket making... 

from paper folding, button collecting, quilting, and photography, to blogging.


Our blogging class was co-taught by professional photographer and fiber artist, Gale Zucker (check out her blog at she shoots sheep shots) and professional writer, Beverly Army Williams, whose blog is called PoMo Golightly.

There were classes in everything from weaving, dying, knitting and felting...
to fly-tying and wood-carving.

 Classes were offered in sewing, making penny rugs, embroidery and crochet...

  As well as demonstrations, exhibitors, music, shopping, sharing, wine, food and friends.
You can't help but leave inspired by the amazing women you meet at Fiber College...
Like Anita and Louise. In addition to their art, they both have great blogs of their own.
Anita's blog is called Tumbleweeds (click on link) and Louise's blog is Adventure of the Geritol Gypsy.
On their blogs, you can follow either of these amazing women on their travels around the country in their RV's and learn about their latest hobbies and creations. They also have lots more photos of Fiber College 2013 on their blogs.


And did I mention the goats?

Sound like fun?  
For more information you can go to the Fiber College blog, or...

You can get on the mailing list for Fiber College 2014 by emailing .
 or follow them on Facebook here.


 You can come to Fiber College for a day or stay over at the campground, a local motel (reduced prices after Labor Day!) ...

  or in one of the adorable Searsport Shores "bunkhouses", campers, or cottages.

 At Searsport Shores, even the outhouse is unique!
(Yes, there's a modern bathroom too!)
And with a view like this...
 What's Not to Love?

p.s. I couldn't seem to remove this photo from the page, so, Astrig and Steve, you're on here twice and this one appears to be permanently Supersized! (Where's Gale Zucker when I need her???)


  1. This looks like a wonderful time! Learning new things is always fun and great times with like minds! Gorgeous views!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend Cheryl. I love all the colours of yarns etc. Beautiful work. I hope you get your blog followers from your former blog to come over here. They're missing out. Have a great afternoon. Pam

  3. I forgot to wish you a very happy 25th wedding anniversary! May you enjoy another 25 years together!

  4. Thanks for bringing back so many happy thoughts of Fiber College. Can't wait for next year. I met so many amazing ladies (and men ) there including you.

  5. Fiber College sounds like a great time!!! I bet you learned lots of neat things.

  6. Gorgeous memories! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I wish I lived near-by...!!! Fiber, Friends, Fun!!


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