Friday, January 30, 2015

A Good Day to Sew

We've barely dug out from Tuesday's blizzard and it's snowing again.
It's a good day to sew.

I did get out long enough to go to the gym early this morning. One advantage to working with a personal trainer is that you have to show up . . . no excuses!
When I got home, I stopped at the base of our driveway to take this photo.

The Valentine Wreath I Made for the front door can barely be seen over the snow bank.

It's also a good day to be retired!
Once I finally got in to the house, I couldn't wait to change into cozy flannels and wool socks.  
I've been working on a simple hand-tied quilt to snuggle into on cool nights in our Casita this summer. That and a book will make the perfect afternoon.

One of the pleasures of winter is not having to feel guilty about staying in and sewing or reading.


DH has a Weight Watcher-friendly custard pie in the oven and it smells delicious.  Warm custard, a fire in the fireplace, my sewing, and a good book - or  LL Bean catalog - are all I need today.
(I just realized that even my current library book is set in the snow!)

Nothing can compare to a summer's day in Maine, but winter has its own appeal.
It forces us to slow down and appreciate the special joys of just being home.

Stay warm out there!

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