Saturday, August 9, 2014

Think Camping's Not For You?

People often ask why we go to all the trouble of camping . . . setting up, bugs, rain, dirt, taking down . . . when "at our age" we could just stay in a nice quiet motel.
Good question.

I love falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean and the little tidal stream leading to it.

 I love waking up to amazing views . . . like these - of Penobscot Bay and a bridge through the woods -  both from our campsite at Searsport Shores.

I love "camp breakfasts" . . . especially since DH likes to get up early and cook them.
I love the almost spiritual connection I feel with art and nature at camp. Around every turn at Searsport Shores, for example,  there awaits an unexpected little these little "campfire teepees" that everyone is encouraged to add to.

Or these chairs under an arbor of squash . . . just waiting for me to stop and sit in for awhile.

In the garden, there are heirloom beans...


And even dresses  . . .

hanging in the trees.

We spend hours combing the beach for sand dollars...

Sea Glass...

and heart-shaped rocks.

Camp is a place where friends, both old and new, still sit on porches...

Take walks in the woods (daytime clothing optional!) . . .
Carolyn & Michele

And share Fried Pickles at the local Pub.
Anita & Fred

Searsport Shores is a very special campground because of its emphasis on the arts; each September they sponsor an amazing get-together or artists called Fiber College. Each week during the year leading up to Fiber College, an Artist-in-Residence is on site teaching a new craft.

This week's artist-in-residence is Steve Schreurs from Maryland, who creates jewelry, armor, and upscale clothing from chainmail . . . thousands of little metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Here is some of his work.

He has even created a chain mail t-shirt!

And, with a red hat on, Steve does bear a striking resemblance to someone else we all know.

DH even got to try his hand at spinning (not the kind in the gym...he's got that one down...the other kind!)
Camping for us isn't always a case of roughing it...we're too old for that! When it rains, we climb into our cozy little Casita and binge-watch Netflix . . .
Or read, play a game, and blog at our teeny-tiny dinette.

And there's always shopping!
 Cayote Moon...a favorite stop

Belfast Farmer's Market
Life is a grand adventure . . .

And we don't want to miss a minute of it!
On the road again,

p.s. This post is dedicated to all of our amazing friends at Searsport know who you are!
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